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Login to the virtual host

Change password, E-mail

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Install WordPress

Login to the virtual host background

Click on Istallation Applications Installer

Click on the WordPress blog

The URL is set to:

Set account, password, email

WordPress - basic settings

Login to WordPress background

URL /wp-admin

Account --> Add Account ( Role = Administrator )


Page --> Add page ( school, self, special product, blog, website check)


Setting-->Read (Set Home)

Install the theme : OceanWP

Appearance-->Set theme

Install the OceanWP with an external plug ( Elementor )

Appearance-->Custom (Layout Settings)


Page Editor -- Elementor

Image Compression--Compress JPEG & PNG images

Website Optimization--Yoast SEO

Google Analytics Link -- Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

Limit login errors - Limit Login Attempts Reloaded (built-in)

Form -- WPForms Lite ( OceanWP built - in )


Keyword clicks, rankings, exposures
: Google Search Console

Web page SEO analysis : Open Seo Stats